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Programs & Forum

Activities Booking, Activities Sponsorship, Activities Schedule Preview of Conmart Expo2020

If your enterprises would like to organize an activities during Conmart Expo 2020, or sponsor these activities, or get the activities schedule and more details of Conmart Expo 2020, please contact Mr Jia by calling +86 139 2849 8699, Email :conmart@huukee.com

Activities Review of Conmart Expo 2019

More than 20 activities were organized by the organizer, including forum, summit conference, international business matching ,new product introduction, ”visiting Chinese factory ” during the three days of Conmart Expo on August 1st -3rd, 2019 .It attracted lots of guests and visitors from all over the world .They learned and communicated together and improved each other .


Six Professional Forums

These six professional forums & summit conferences were about construction machinery industry that was one of the biggest highlights in Conmart Expo 2019 .The visitors were able to get lots of new ideas and latest technology from industrial experts by participating each forum and summit conference while checking out latest products .

Creating Brilliant Future Together"- China Construction Machinery International Development Summit Forum was held in blue zone on August 1st. Leaders who work in the field of construction machinery from all over the world , technology innovation leaders , industrial investor, industrial expert got together , discussed the development frontier issue of China construction machinery industrial and expressed their view . 

NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY ASSOCIATION UNION FOUNDING CONFERENCE AND DINNER PARTY ,Master Tour- Finding Outstanding Engineering Talent》,《China Construction Machinery Scientific Innovation Summit》,《CTO Intelligent Hydraulic Technology Innovation Forum for National Construction Machinery Industry 》,《Buliding a Dream Together & Gathering Strength to Lead the Future-

The 2nd Time of the 4th General Assembly for Guangzhou Construction Machinery Industry Association (GZCMIA)were held during the same period .

It had attracted lots of professional in the industrial of construction machinery from all over the world by organizing these activities like industrial forums and conferences. It brought a lot of global resource to Conmart Expo ,improved the whole international situation of Conmart Expo, increased international influence of Conmart Expo .

Six Brand Enterprise Promotional Activities 

Investment Promotion Conference of Wapeibao Project (Guangzhou station),Guangzhou Hanshang Rubber Products Co., Ltd., New Product Launch Conference and Signing Ceremony from Guangzhou Yutop Test & Control Technology Co., Ltd., 2019 Sales Strategy Promotion Meeting of SHUNHAO (Guangzhou) Auto Service Management Co., Ltd., New Product Launch Conference of Daekko Hydraulic Breaker, New Product Launch Conference of CRYSTAL were held during Conmart Expo 2019 . The exhibitors show their advantage, products, strategy to targeted buyer thought Conmart Expo which is a bench marking trade fair focusing on international construction machinery aftermarket. It promoted communication, made precise business matching for both suppliers and buyers and also enhanced the recognition and reputation of the enterprises .

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