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Why Visit

Top 10 reasons to attend Conmart Expo- the world's first international exhibition focusing on construction machinery aftermarket

There are several construction machinery Expos schedule for 2019 - each taking place in an exciting destination. That alone might be reason enough to attend, but we promise you that by participating in Conmart Expo, you will gain an unprecedented level of valuable insights.

If you are a trader, are you looking for more financial, leasing, construction and international buyers, so as to create more cooperation opportunities and bring more development space for the company?

If you are a service provider or a manufacture, would you like to participate in more high-quality activities including new product launches, international buyers club and private sourcing events to discover more partners and accomplish more cooperation?

If you are a device user, a repairman, or a parts buyer, are you eager to purchase more appropriate parts, accessories, tools, maintenance oil, etc., so that you can maintain your own resource better?

If you work in the construction machinery industry, are you interested in the construction machinery global aftermarket? Do you want to communicate with enterprises from all over the world further? Are you looking for discovering more newest technologies and innovations?

If your answer is “Yes”, welcome you come to Conmart Expo! Here are the TOP 10 reasons to attend the exhibition:

  1. Don’t miss the first bench-marking exhibition focusing on construction machinery aftermarket. Although there are numerous exhibitions in the construction industry, when it comes to the one focusing on the construction machinery aftermarket, Conmart Expo is the world’s first! More targeted industry exhibitions are tailored to the needs of enterprises in the construction machinery aftermarket. Only the appropriate is the best.
  2. Discover more business opportunities: According to Off Highway Research, in 2018, the global construction equipment sector recorded total sales of 1.1 million units at a retail value of $110 billion, with annual growth of 6%. More resources will be invested into the construction machinery aftermarket, making it a huge business opportunity.
  3. Develop great potential: The construction machinery aftermarket generally includes the machine parts and components, re-manufacture and trading of used machines, lubricating oil and other maintenance products, testing equipment, maintenance tool, maintenance service, equipment rental, auction, financing, insurance and logistic services. At present, the potential of the construction machinery aftermarket has only been developed by 30%, and there is a great deal of room for improvement in the future.
  4. Open up overseas market: The Conmart Expo will be held in Guangzhou, China. For every trade visitor, it’s a best chance to make acquaintance with the construction machinery aftermarket in China and the whole world. More than 550 enterprises and 3000 participants are guaranteed at exhibition period. No need of going around the world, Come to Conmart Expo and influence the whole world!
  5. Understand the industry dynamics: During the Conmart Expo, there will be various events for the industry in the Golden zone, Hong zone and blue zone, such as new product release, industrial trend interpretation, technical application sharing and more, making you get the full harvest in one go.
  6. Find more industry partners: Whether you are from a whole machinery company or you are a repairer/parts buyer/parts manufacturer/re-manufacture, or you provide equipment rental/financial services/used equipment, Conmart Expo will give you a great chance to get acquaintance with different types of partners during the exhibition. Nothing better than achieving more cooperation in the construction machinery aftermarket through joining Conmart Expo.
  7. Participation cost is not expensive: Compared with other large construction machinery exhibitions, the participation cost of Conmart Expo is inexpensive, the threshold is not high, but the high quality of the exhibition can be guaranteed, and within a short time the enterprise can win enough attention to meet integration resources, promotes brands, expands channels, facilitate transactions, etc.
  8. Highly professional and authoritative exhibition: Conmart Expo is guided by China Construction Machinery Society and organized by Guangzhou Construction Machinery Industry Association, China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association and Construction&Mining Machinery International Trade Alliance. Each association has its own advantages to ensure Conmart Expo becomes the benchmark for the internationally influential exhibition in the construction machinery aftermarket!
  9. Enjoy the intimate service:The top 1000 overseas trade visitors who finish Conmart Expo's online registration will get the benefits of FREE pick-up service, FREE catering VIP service, FREE hotel accommodation and certain ticket subsidy. Now or never!
  10. Face-to-face communication is more convenient: We live in the 21st century and the information via Internet can be instantly spread around the world. However, Conmart Expo, which lets you communicate with others face to face, makes you achieve a goal of proximity to customers and help you increase mutual trust between each other.

Whether you are a businessman, a buyer or an audience, as long as you are interested in the construction machinery aftermarket, Conmart Expo will provide you with the best stage.

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China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China
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August 1st , 2019 (Thursday)    9:30AM to 17:00PM
August 2nd , 2019 (Friday)        9:00AM to 17:00PM
August 3rd , 2019 (Saturday)     9:00AM to 14:00PM
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